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Business Loan -  Hiwot A. , Started a Hair Salon, 2006
I'm Hiwot.  I came to the U.S. from Ethiopia with my uncle in 1992.  I have always loved hair and I had the desire to start my own full-service beauty salon.  Well, because of the difficulties to get to the US--I've learned to work hard, but without any money I knew I needed help.  I did all I could to become successful.  First, I studied all about hair.  Second, I went to EDG for a loan.  I can't tell you how happy I was when it was approved.  I've been in business ever since and I want to expand. Thank you, EDG!
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A Big Loan for Big Business Plans -  Henok T. , 2003
I'm Henok T.  I  came to the United States from Ethiopia. I went to the EDG for help finance my plans to build a parking lot and a used car lot.  The banks I went to had all said no--they said I didn't have enough of a "business history'".  So, EDG was my last hope. Of course, I had to show them that I was serious, so I contributed some of my own property to secure the loan. Well, EDG came through.  They provided me with a very generous loan with a low interest rate--I even paid it off early.  My thanks to everyone at EDG!
Small Business Loan -  Osama E., Started a New Business, 2001
I'm Osama and I wanted to own my own business. My job as a cashier in a gas station was good, but I wanted something better--I wanted to own the gas station.  So, I went to EDG for help.  I filled out a loan application and waited---and got the loan. I've paid the loan on-time, ever since.  Now, I have employees that l can help, too.  Thanks EDG!
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